Harnessing the power of IoT for your data strategy

The constant evolution of the internet of things offers agencies continuing opportunities to harness new and

Plan to secure internet of things with new law

The rapidly growing “internet of things” (IOT) – internet-connected gadgets – would have to be made

UK gears up for new laws on IoT security

The government is moving ahead with plans to ensure that internet-connected devices making up the internet

Invoking Emotional Advertising to Engage Your Audience

All brands are looking to engage more closely with their target audience and existing customer base.

New – Amazon S3 Batch Operations

AWS customers routinely store millions or billions of objects in individual Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

As IoT Enhances the Energy Sector, Security Issues Grow

Functions that once required manual labor or onsite supervision are being fully automated as the Internet

Connected World IoT Innovations 2019

Identifying the leading solutions in the IoT market today Innovation is defined as simply the introduction

Senate Eyes IoT Cybersecurity

Industry witnesses at the hearing, entitled “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things,” were Michael

Use AWS Transit Gateway & Direct Connect to Centralize and Streamline Your Network Connectivity

Last year I showed you how to Use an AWS Transit Gateway to Simplify Your Network

Hungry Hungry Robot Gobbles Up Anything You Hand It

Merriam-Webster defines a robot as “a device that automatically performs complicated, often repetitive tasks (as in