IoT news of the week for September 20, 2019

Plutoshift has raised $8M: Plutoshift, a company that provides prescriptive intelligence for industrial processes, has raised

Western Digital Releases New Storage for IoT

Western Digital Corp’s portfolio of products focuses on its customers’ demand for high-endurance storage solutions in

Make Your Own Wine Spill Art Over the Internet

Spilling wine is generally a bad thing; however, if you’re not the person who has to

ESP8266 Automobile Detection and Gate Operation

Andrew’s parents have a swinging gate at the entrance to their driveway, with a keypad outside

Global Integrated Building Management Systems Market 2019-2023 | Integration of IoT with IBMS …

As per Technavio, the growing trend of integration of IoT with IBMS will have a positive

Now Available – EC2 Instances (G4) with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs

The NVIDIA-powered G4 instances that I promised you earlier this year are available now and you

NEW PRODUCT – Breadboard Friendly I2C Temperature Sensor – TC74A0 – TC74A0-5.0VAT

from NEW PRODUCT – Breadboard Friendly I2C Temperature Sensor – TC74A0 – TC74A0-5.0VATby Angelica NEW PRODUCT

Autonomous Farming Robot Doctors Are Here to Help Save Agriculture

The global agriculture system is going through some pretty drastic changes in the past few years

Live Monster: DO NOT OPEN

If you’re looking for a good Halloween prop for this year, it would be hard to

British autonomous vehicles are used in a joint exercise with the US military 

Advanced units from the UK and US militaries have teamed up as part of a joint