Panic button or similar…help or ideas required.

I have some PI3b’s and an Odroid XU4. Some being used for pihole, some being used for node red. I have some flic buttons too.

I’m keen to build something like a panic button that would flash a light so that I would know my SO needs help.

I work in the basement, she works on the 2nd floor. We both have to watch our 2 year old daughter during the pandemic.

Monitoring phones for messages has not worked well, as we are on calls and focussed on screens, so sometime we miss the messages.

If we can have an LED bar or our desk lamps flash on a button press(flic maybe, with Philips hue or similar) I reckon it could work. Maybe different colours based on urgency?

I dunno, but it seems like both of our roles will be remote for some tome to come and I need to have this solved.

Happy for other creative ideas, surely we cant be alone here?

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