How to get into the IoT industry as designer?


I’m a product designer (UX/Service Design) and I love IoT. Currently I’m doing my graduation project for Cognizant, which also does a lot in IoT. Here I’m designing a smart office concept.

After my graduation I’d love to get into a IoT related field, where I would be doing the interaction and UX design of IoT products. For example, an interface for a smart home / ideating on the possibilities of sensors and new functionality.

Most job applications for IoT I see are mostly for developers or for industrial designers. So here I have two questions.

A: Is it likely for UX designers to work into IoT?
B: What skills should I be learning myself to increase the likelyhood of getting a job in IoT as a designer?

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Original article: How to get into the IoT industry as designer?
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