Question about MQTT subscription data consumption.

Hello everyone,

As we know, data consumption on devices deployed on the field is a matter of concern.

I use MQTT to publish the information the device gathers and I can make sense of how this solution saves data compared to HTTP posts.

I’m trying to implement OTA updates for my devices and I’m trying to figure the best way to go about it but, in truth, I don’t really know how MQTT subscriptions work.

Naturally, when I deploy a new firmware version, I’d like my devices to know about it ASAP, but is having a constant MQTT subscription the best way to go?

How does the device know a new message has been published? Is it permanently making requests to the broker?

Would a HTTP request to the server, let’s say every hour, be a lighter solution in terms of data consumption?

If anyone knows of a resource that would help me understand this better I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for your attention!

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