Use OpenThread to replace magic packet in WoL?

I know my university cannot implement WoL in computer labs because magic packets require broadcast across subnets. And the overhead for getting broadcast over subnets was prohibitive. Plus there’s a variety of security issues. There’s also the expectation that a computer should consume zero power when “powered down”, and WoL via wifi would have to contradict this.

What if OpenThread could be used to distribute magic packets? OpenThread is advertised as low powered (802.15.4), secure, and IP addressable. The low power consumption means computers can be powered down for up to 2 years and the OpenThread chips could still be working on battery. The mesh topology could cover large computer labs in a building. Already existing AP’s could serve as border routers.

What do you guys think?

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Original article: Use OpenThread to replace magic packet in WoL?
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