Is it really internet of things these days?

I see most IoT projects describe scenarios where a small group of sensors used to monitor a particular thing and be used to take an informed decision.

Ofcourse sure this is good use but is it really internet of things? There’s not really an internet in most of these things and the requirement of 5G looks surprisingly unnecessary considering most of these devices don’t even talk to each other.

Secondary to this Most IOT applications I see aren’t consumer facing which bothers me a little because of all the hype.

One person told me that he was selling a stock checking IOT device that just displays the current price of some favorite stock and alerts and all those shenanigans. Where’s the IOT here? Is it really just any Internet+thing?

I’d really love to think up a scenario of a consumer benefitting product that takes advantage of a network of things but I can’t seem to think far from weather or some shitty thing about telling you about traffic that honestly gmaps solves currently already.

Need some clarification and examples to widen my vision plspls.

:3 no hate just ignorant here pls open my eyes

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Original article: Is it really internet of things these days?
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