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Software quality: Balancing risk and cost

Consider common causes of failure in the process industries, such as pipes becoming corroded and fracturing,

Demo: Update and Azure RTOS device with Device Update for IoT Hub

See how the new Device Update for IoT Hub capability can be used to update and

Why We Shouldn’t Fear Elon Musk’s Cyber Pig

In August of 2020, a curious hashtag started trending that was strange, even by Twitter’s standards: #CyberPig.

Connecting Azure Sphere to Azure IoT Edge

Steve from the Azure Sphere Team will walk you through how to connect an Azure Sphere

What are NFTs and are they just another digital fad?

While you may not have heard the term ‘non-fungible tokens’ (NFTs) before, this digital concept has

Design considerations for low-power, always-on voice command systems

Voice assistants and integration are being implemented into most products, appliances, and technology introduced to the

What Tech Talent Wants in a Benefits Package

Never before has it been so difficult to accrue top tech talent. Even during the pandemic,

Deploy key design principles with enterprise-scale architecture

This post was co-authored by Sarah Lean, Senior Content Engineer, Azure Tailwind Traders1 is a retail

Running a Linux application on STM32 MCUs

More and more functionality is expected from embedded systems for smart products. This can be easily

Learn more about IOT

I’m an electrical engineering student, for a while now I wanted to specialize in IOT, but