Care for Your Wrist with the CHERRY MW 8 ERGO Mouse


It’s not too fun to worry about business all the time. But to worry about your business and worry about Carpal Tunnel is worse. You have enough to worry about this year keeping up with all of the stressors (like COVID) and other uncontrollable’s. Here is one way you can care for your wrist while you type away on your computer.

The CHERRY MW 8 ERGO is a great little tool to give you peace of mind.

The ads say that it is comfortable and uncompromising quality for the right-handed user — and it’s true. I didn’t think I could ever give up my Apple mouse. But the Apple mouse is too low if you have carpal tunnel or other ergonomic issues.

Our boss knows that it’s important to have tools available that will help with ergonomic issues — so he had several of these in the office. A few of us tried them out.

I didn’t know that you could get Carpal Tunnel more than once, but you can. If you continue to do the same thing that you have always done — you know it — you will get the same results. What drove you to Carpal Tunnel, or other hand pain will happen again unless you change how you hold your mouse.

Care for Your Wrist with the CHERRY MW8 ERGO Mouse

Details and Features

The mouse buttons are made of anodized aluminum. This is really sleek and good-looking — a classy tool on the desk — everyone stops by my desk and asks questions. The buttons look great and the roller is smooth and not “jumpy.” The whole piece of equipment is comfortable for extended periods of time. The MW8 ERGO has a large gliding surface and allows the mouse to move quickly and smoothly.

What I Like About the MW8 ERGO

This mouse has a trendy “Voronoi” pattern. It’s a great color and the design has a satin and a shiny finish. It’s unique. I like that the sensors are precise for quick movements. The resolution can be adjusted in four stages.

I like that it charges fast. Also has a nano receiver for wireless operation. The mouse has six buttons and a scroll wheel.

Best if connected using your Bluetooth. I even like the thumb rest.

I thought the mouse would sit way too high for my hand — especially after using other low-lying mouses (mice?!) But it is perfect. Your hand will sit comfortably on the mouse even after hours of work. The mouse took a little time to get used to — so I took it home over the weekend.

Top Image Credit: marc mueller; pexels; thank you!

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Author: Deanna Ritchie