What is the MOST pervasive problem facing you in your day-to-day work in the IoT space?

As the title suggests, I’m on a discovery journey on the most pervasive problems facing people working with IoT in their day-to-day work today.

For background, I’m a product manager at a deep-tech startup that is enabling your data’s ability to connect and interact with anything.

—————————> Only read further if you’re interested in what we’re building <————————————-

We allow you to liberate your siloed data from anywhere, whether it’s the edge or the cloud. We connect your disparate enterprise systems to expose real-time event-driven data streams, for BI, IoT devices, or sensors.

A description of our tech, AMA for details:

  1. Digital Twins – is a virtual representation of a real entity. An entity can be a physical device, a person, a data source, a database… whatever is “real” for the domain. It is made up of:
    a. A unique identity
    b. Model representing as a set of metadata records (properties and real-time streaming)
    c. Program which bridges the real and virtual world.
  2. Brokered interactions – interactions between twins are brokered by us using ACLs (Access Control List).
  3. Users, Agents, Twin identity – objects are uniquely identified using W3C DiD (decentralized identifiers)
  4. Host – middleware program that acts as the gatekeeper of twins stored therein. Allows twin programs to interact with other twins in the same or different hosts.
  5. Connectors (and agents) – generic term to address applications that manage one or more twin agents. It is used to connect external applications to our product.

Our digital twins are an extension of the FAIR data principles. Making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.

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