Development kit recommendations for a connected exercise device

Starting a side project with the initial prototype to build and because I’m new to connected device space looking for recommendations from someone who has done it before.

I’m looking to build connected kettlebells to provide more accurate feedback to my exercise app.

For prototype, I’m looking for something with following specs.

Accelorometer + Gyroscope preferably in 2000hz+ accuracy if possible with dev rigs

A Bluetooth connection that doesn’t cause me to pull my hair out with compatibility issues.

The casing can a take a bit of shaking and hits as I’m going mount this inside a kettlebell.

Which also means size should be around standard credit card but can be much thicker as I could easily get 4cmx4cmx4cm cube into it. It doesn’t hurt if there is also wifi chip, but I don’t think I’m going to need it or internal storage as I want to sync all data directly into the mobile app.

As in this current stage, this just weekend project hasn’t decided if I want to make this anything commercial, so the last requirement is cheap(max 200 and preferably less).

Initially, I was just looking to go with Arduino and hook up Bluetooth and accelerometer + gyro.

Still, I wondered if there is anything more purpose build for fitness gear that would easier lend itself to an actual production model if I ever decided to go that route.

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