Looking for advice on setting up an NB-IoT device

I am developing a device with NB-IoT and this is my first. The purpose of my device is that of a data logger. i.e. only send uplink messages to the server when an event happens. The protocol being used is CoAP with ACK. Thus after sending a message I expect a reply from the server else I re-try to send after a timeout. At all other times the device should be in deep sleep.

From what I understood the Idle(eDRX) period is the time for which the device will maintain an open connection and wait for the server’s response after transmitting a message. The PSM period is then the periodic interval at which the device will wake and listen for downlinks from the server. Since in my case I am controlling when the uplink messages are sent and know how long the server timeout is (idle/edrx period) – is it ok to disable PSM in this case? Such that the device does not wake up unnecessarily to listen for downlinks?

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Original article: Looking for advice on setting up an NB-IoT device
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