Deep Dive: Azure Digital Twins for smart buildings: A look into WillowTwin solution

Deep Dive: Azure Digital Twins for smart buildings: A look into WillowTwin solution

Azure Digital Twins is now Generally Available! Learn more here: In this session we will take you through the end to end experience of WillowTwin’s building solution to prove out the benefits of Azure Digital Twins, DTDL, and the broader Azure IoT ecosystem. The deep dive focuses on Azure Digital Twins capabilities in the solution context:

– Architecture from edge to data transformation
– Flexible modeling of the building with DTDL using interfaces, relationships, model inheritance, semantic units and reusable components.
– Automating the extraction of data, meta-data and system level relationships from Building Information Model (BIM) and creation of digital twins graph with instances and relationships using – Azure Digital Twins C# SDK
– Connecting a digital twin to an advanced 3D model of the building using interactive experience
– Connecting live data from the Building Management System to IoT Edge, IoT Hub, Azure Functions and Azure Digital Twins, all the way to front-end visualization in time-machine, historian trend logs that generates actionable insights.
– Using the rich Azure Digital Twins query language to filter by specific models and conditions to get latest aggregates of the twins.
– Routing the data to downstream Azure services for analytics or storage.

Using live data from an iconic customer building, Rick and Alina will discuss the benefits that Digital Twins has to offer both end customers and developers alike.

Great for anyone to join:

– Property owners will get a glimpse of why Willow is a great partner for smart building solutions and not only​
– Facility managers will learn about fault rule engine which is reducing operating costs and the 3D visualization of the building systems​
– Software Architects will learn about WillowTwin architecture and services used​
– Software Developers will understand all behind the scene making of the WillowTwin, architecture, modeling, data importers, BACnet importer, and much more

Deep Dive Host: Pamela Cortez – Azure IoT Senior PM

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