Seeking advice for Industrial IoT internship for MS thesis

I don’t know if this is the right subreddit for this kind of questions, if it’s not please refer me to the right ones, thanks.

I’m considering an internship with a company in order to work on my MS thesis. I chose a professor as supervisor that teaches protocols and communications for IoT devices and sensors because I’d like to do something in this field.

I was offered a position as developer for a system that would have to gather data from IoT devices and sensors from different factories.

They didn’t explain what my role would be as it would be explained in a next interview in the case I was interested, so now I’m trying to gather some questions in order to give more informations to my supervisor and find a good topic for my thesis within this project.

So far I’ve thought about these aspects:

– General structure of the whole system

– What kind of IoT devices will be used. Do they have limitations, like in battery/processing power/network?

– Network aspects of the IoT devices, any particular protocol?

– Security aspects of IoT devices message passing and of the application that handles/receives the data

– Data fusion / aggregation / pre-processing of the raw data

– Database ( probably noSQL as it has to handle large amount of data? )

– Cloud computing or similar features?

What would other good questions be in order to get more insight on the challenges and see if there is a suitable topic for a thesis in this project?

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