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Attention Overload: What Makes Some Software Tools So Sticky [+Some Examples]

There are a glut of software tools, mobile applications, websites and learning portals. The quality spectrum

Lessons I Learned from Becoming a Full-Time Blogger

I can still remember how excited I was to start a blog. The rush of adrenaline

Bubble Hockey Modernization

Hello All, I just picked up a decent bubble hockey table, not Chexx or anything. Anyway,

AI Contact Tracer Awarded at UNLV

from AI Trends Allison Proffitt If someone reports sick after a gathering, a new AI-based system

Get greater protection with IoT security advances in authentication

Original article: Get greater protection with IoT security advances in authentication Author:

IBM Launches an AI-Driven Civil Infrastructure Initiative

IBM’s tool will allow users to streamline maintenance decisions and move towards data-driven insights. The post

Server side authentication mechanisms for electronic devices

Hi everyone. I’m truly sorry if my question sounds stupid, i’m truly new in this field

World Cities Day 2020: Committing to sustainable urban environments

October 31 is World Cities Day, established to educate the public on issues of concern, to

Semtech Supports New IoT Solutions for Cloud-Managed Asset and Facility Monitoring Developed by Cisco

Leveraging the LoRaWAN® protocol, Cisco’s new industrial IoT solution delivers a clear picture on how assets

Gartner Survey Reveals 47% of Organizations Will Increase Investments in IoT Despite the Impact of COVID-19

By 2023, One-Third of Companies That Have Implemented IoT Will Also Have Implemented AI in Conjunction