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Connected cars have been around for a long time. General Motors launched Onstar, the first built-in

New AI acceleration modules enhance edge performance

Artificial intelligence (AI) chipmaker Hailo has launched its M.2 and Mini PCIe high-performance AI acceleration modules

Connect any IoT Sensor to Azure

You can now connect existing sensors to Azure with little to no-code using IoT Plug and

7 Creative Uses of AI in Digital Payments

AI or Artificial Intelligence is known for streamlining processes securely, but when it comes to the

SMS Surveys: How to Increase Your Response Rate

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, mobile penetration has reached 95%. With 9 in 10 adults owning

Aquaman King Atlan recording device prop @TheBrokenNerd83 @Tested @AquamanMovie

from Aquaman King Atlan recording device prop @TheBrokenNerd83 @Tested @AquamanMovieby Anne Barela Darrel posts on Twitter

Foreo Luna 3: Men’s Sonic Beard Cleaning Solution

Offering a new way to clean and soften beards, the Foreo Luna 3 for Men uses

Raspberry Pi reaches more schools in rural Togo Raspberry Pi Blog – Raspberry Pi Author Ashley Whittaker We’ve been following the work of

Industry 4.0 Delivered: Integration of IT and OT Security

In this recorded interview, Justus Reich, #IBM #Security Architect, and Marcel KIsch, IBM OT Security Leader,

Industry 4.0 Delivered: Intelligent Supply Chain Management

Predict risks and make decisions in advance with intelligent supply chain management. In this recorded interview,