NES-Styled GameBoy Cart #3dThursday #3dPrinting #Nintendo #Gaming

from NES-Styled GameBoy Cart #3dThursday #3dPrinting #Nintendo #Gaming
by Anne Barela

You know when you get that bolt of lighting of an idea, that’s what happened when FacelessTech came up with the idea of making a Gameboy cart that looked like a NES cart.

I started by modeling a standard Gameboy cart, I just wanted to know what the minimum model that would fit the Gameboy cart PCB and fit into a Gameboy. After I got that working I moved on to modeling the NES parts. I needed to get some dimensions and to get things into perspective I took a l NES cart label into GIMP and scaled it so It would fit the Gameboy cart.

See details in the blog post, the model on Thingiverse, and files on GitHub.

Original article: NES-Styled GameBoy Cart #3dThursday #3dPrinting #Nintendo #Gaming