wind-up Bathtub Boat V5 #3DThursday #3DPrinting

from wind-up Bathtub Boat V5 #3DThursday #3DPrinting
by Ben

Make bath-time an adventure. Shared by GreenDot on Thingiverse:

I would like to introduce to you the 5th version of my wind-up boat.

After the 4th version i got a lot of feedack on Facebook, which I have implemented as well as possible.

As you can see there is a much larger wind-up weel. The boat can now be wind up easily even with wet hands. The button has also become a little bit thicker to offers more grip.

The sharp edges on all components were rounded. I also set the screws in a way that the heads are up. No more sharp threads on the top.

Next, I’ve added a rigid rudder, which means the boat is no longer drifting to the right side any more. That works quite well. – better than expected.

Download the files and learn more

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