Door Hanger for Slotted Extrusion #2020 #3DPrinting

from Door Hanger for Slotted Extrusion #2020 #3DPrinting
by Noe Ruiz

I’ve been using 2020 extrusion for all sorts of projects. A few years ago I made some brackets for attaching a piece of 2020 to my wall so I could hang my hats. Since moving to a new home, I didn’t want to drill holes into the walls so I thought I’d make it hang over the closet door. These door hangers are designed to slot into the extrusion without any hardware screws though I did include mounting holes.

I really needed the design in Fusion 360 to be driven with user parameters. This way I could easy change things like the thickness, length and width. This makes it much easier to adjust the design for different doors. It’s also a great way to quickly adjust the tolerance offsets. Files are linked and available to download below:

What would you use this design for? Maybe wires, cables, tool holders? If you make one, you can tag me on twitter or instagram.

2020 Aluminum Extrusion

Slim M4 T-Nuts

M4 x 8mm screws

Download files from Thingiverse
Download files from Prusa Printers
Fusion 360 Download

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