Let’s chat about IoT !

Here’s a quarantined fellow from Pakistan saying hello. 👋 How is everyone?

So a bit of my intro here. I am an entrepreneur. For the past year, I’ve been trying to find solutions to the most pressing issues of IoT product development. I’ve met many startup founders, had talks with SMEs and Enterprises which are aiming to employ IoT into whatever they are producing. Whirlpool, Orient, Gree, Barqbox, Soldrive etc. to name a few.

So what I’m here for is to get to know you guys who are working on IoT first hand. What segment of IoT are you putting your sweat in, what problems do you face there and what solutions are your goto in order to move forward with your stuff ?

Hoping to start a thread about current IoT product development solutions currently out there which may be helpful for everyone in IoT.

Let’s chat! 🙂

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Original article: Let’s chat about IoT !
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