Product Review: Oculus Quest

oculus quest

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? Wanting to try out VR but don’t have the skillset, money or wherewithal to build your own tower? The team here at Readwrite was gifted the new Oculus Quest from Facebook, and we’re excited to share the results with you.

Oculus Quest at a glance.

Oculus is revolutionizing on-the-go virtual reality gaming. No longer are you required to hook up to a PC, or have those pesky wires tethering you like a ball on a string. As a stand-alone unit, this VR headset packs a punch, allowing you to pick-up and play from just about anywhere. With its internal tracking system, Oculus Quest has also removed the need for external base stations.

Our experience.

Right out of the box, it’s pretty easy to get started.

  • You turn on the unit, which is already well charged.
  • Sign into your account (you can use Facebook for quick setup).
  • Download the app on your phone.
  • Click to update, and
  • You’re ready to game in about six-minutes.

The standard Oculus Quest model has 64gb of memory, so you’ve got plenty of drive space. Though I personally would recommend upgrading to the 128gb, if you’ve got the cash.

Oculus Quesst
I’ve logged many hours in VR, and I have to say, I’m impressed with Oculus Quest.

You’re not going to be able to leave Oculus Quest alone; it’s awesome. We may not be seeing some of the beefier games like Fallout quite yet — but I’ve tested out SUPERHOT VR and Beat Saber in multiple VR headsets, with great results.

Graphic quality.

Graphic quality is vastly important to me. With Oculus Quest I didn’t notice any significant difference in graphic quality or lag, which is saying something, because Oculus Quest is a stand-alone unit without the benefit of a high power PC behind it.

Oculus Quest
Quest boots up quickly, getting you right back into the action.

Highlighted grid.

On startup, a highlighted grid allows you to designate your playable area. The grid appears whenever you are nearing the end of your space — turning red to indicate you should stop moving.

If you go completely outside the grid (not recommended), reality comes back into focus, and hopefully keeps you from running into anything.

Unforeseen surprise.

As an unforeseen surprise: I was delighted to find that the Quest remembered my playable areas between the office, home, and family home! Oculus Quest booted up and asked if I wanted to use the same area as I had previously used, or I could choose a separate locale. Selecting and clicking the space I was in at the moment let me begin the game within minutes. When I’m in the fever of unboxing and having to play that second, I loved this option.

The price.

Many have complained that the starting price of $399, with the optional upgrade in hard drive turning into $499, but consider — you’re purchasing the entire system for that price.

The headset is your one-stop-shop for a VR gaming experience, placing the price pretty on par with other VR gaming options.


I was a little disappointed that the controllers required batteries, instead of just plugging into a charger. But that hasn’t stopped me! [MS2] The box comes packaged with the AA batteries you’ll need, plus 8-ish hours in and I haven’t needed to swap batteries yet.

The Quest features dual controllers, as opposed to Oculus Go’s single controller.

Side note: I was also happy at Oculus’s return to the sleek black look after Oculus Go’s gray. Also worth noting is that the Quest’s games are stored directly on the device — giving you the freedom of gaming from just about anywhere. Meaning you quickly hop on your game without requiring a constant connection to WiFi.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Oculus Quest is its portability. Until now, VR gaming has been limited to the space I keep my desktop, which is nestled behind my living room TV. But having the set up in the living room meant I had to move furniture each and every time I wanted to play VR.

With Oculus Quest, I don’t have to move all the furniture; I just set a new boundary and enter my virtual world.


Stand-alone VR headset — doesn’t require additional hardware or adapters.

No PC needed — that includes setup, gameplay, and downloading additional games.

Portability — play just about anywhere.

Remembers your playable area — everywhere you go — every gaming area you set.


Less powerful than the wired options.

Controllers require batteries.


If you’re looking to purchase VR for the first time without needing to buy separate hardware, or simply searching for the perfect gift for the geek in your life, the Oculus Quest is a fantastic option.

The Oculus Quest is an incredible advancement in VR technology — especially given its small size/weight. Much needed was usability without the need for a PC or external movement sensors.

All in all, I’m extremely excited about the future of VR and Oculus Quest. If you haven’t already gotten your Oculus Quest — it’s the next step in your amazing journey.

Thank you, Facebook Technologies — once again — for gifting us Oculus Quest. #OculusPartner

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