4 Instagram Marketing Business Tips to Take for 2020


If your business is not on Instagram yet, then you better have a good reason! If you have stores, if you sell any kind of physical products, or if you want people to recognize your business brand, then you really need to get an account. Here are four Instagram marketing business tips to take for 2020.

It is too popular to ignore— since its creation, it has grown to be the ultimate photo-sharing platform with over 800 million monthly users!

So, when starting to promote your business on the social media giant, here are some tips to take for 2020!

  1. Switch To Business Profile ASAP

Before you even start a plan for your Instagram marketing, you’ll need an Instagram Business Account.

If you already have an Instagram account, it is easy to switch it to a business account. Click on settings and tap the “Switch to Business Profile.”

So, why switch?

Well, for one, followers can click on your contact button to connect with you from your page just like they would from your site.

It also allows you to publish and create Instagram ads without Facebook’s advertising tools. You can even access Insights, Instagram’s analytics tools, which help provide status about the reach and impressions of your posts.

  1. Partner With Influencers

There are several ways on how you can grow your followers and broaden your reach. You can build it with several proven tactics or easily buy legit Instagram followers.

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Another way is to partner with influencers who have already built an excellent number of following. People are more interested in buying products and services based on what they see on their feed from the influential people they like to follow.

In short, they trust influencers.

When partnering with influencers, make sure to choose one working relevantly at your niche and business.

  1. Post Instagram Stories

If you wish to generate some leads, ten Instagram Stories are your buddy.

Stories are very much different than the regular Instagram posts since they come in the “slideshow” format.

Stories are only live for 24 hours. However, they can be saved to any devices and reused at a later point. Once a user clicks your Stories at the top, the window will pop up as they view your Story.

Being displayed on top of timelines, Stories are the first thing that your followers see. Brands can use Stories in order to capture behind-the-scenes insider post,s which may not be as “high-quality” as the regular posts. This feature also makes it easy to experiment with different kinds of content such as rewind video, short video, photos, live video, and even Boomerangs.

  1. Use an Interactive Branded Hashtag

Instant engagement?

Interactive hashtags are way!

Customers can use these tags to post user-generated content, allowing users to search through all posts that are related to your brand. It even allows you to easily search through photos that you can re-post on your own page.

Also, every time that someone posts a photo using the tag, they are exposing your company to their followers.

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Author: Richard Parker