Mini #CircuitPython2020 posts so far

from Mini #CircuitPython2020 posts so far
by Scott

Blinka in 2020

A number of folks have written short and sweet #CircuitPython2020 posts and comments. Here is a recap:

Eric Mesa wrote on his blog:

since Qt is available for embedded devices, I’d love to be able to use Qt5 Designer and pyuic5 just as I do with regular Python to create awesome GUIs for my CircuitPython projects (when they have a fully-featured screen, of course).

aherzig wrote a post on the CircuitPython forum:

I would love for there to be a library for CircuitPython that allows for the use of the lighting control standard DMX-512 like the Arduino libraries DMXSimple or DMXSerial. I love how easy to program CircuitPython is, and I would love to be able to use it for my theatrical lighting projects! #CircuitPython2020

saltysyncro replied on Instagram:

A library for interfacing with a PlayStation controller would be so awesome. 👍

Cian Byrne replied on Facebook:

More community guides to expand supported sensors. At the moment there is not straight forward standards or guides for adding new sensors to CircuitPython.

Bill Binko replied on Facebook as well:

BLE HID Keyboard and Mouse please 🙂

William Wagner replied on YouTube:

The thing I’d add for Circuit Python 2020 is learning. The one book that is out is very basic. It does not take you in very much depth. And I don’t learn well from searching through the documentation to learn. So this is my idea for #CircuitPython2020! Also I’ve found that the Learning guides don’t always work. It maybe due to update firmware/software. But without adequate knowledge of the programing, I can’t figure out what is wrong. There are two that I can think of, the Adafruit New product guide for the PyPortal and the second is the weather station.

Lastly, Luke Moll replied on Twitter:

Neopixel DMA! istr that’s not a thing, even on boards like the itsy M0 where it’s possible in Arduino Also an ESP32/8266 port but I realise the latter has been discontinued, more of a wish than a need



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