Recycled Cardboard Molding #Holiday #Recycle #3DPrinting

from Recycled Cardboard Molding #Holiday #Recycle #3DPrinting
by Ben

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Have you found yourself buried in boxes after the holiday whirlwind?

You can recyle some of that material yourself and make some cool projects!

Shared bye XYZAidan on Thingiverse and YouTube:

Paper is an incredible material, but why does it always have to be flat? I’ve developed a process to turn paper into a three-dimensional object, using as little as a 3D printer, a blender, a vice, and pinch of rice.

To mold paper or cardboard into a 3D molded-pulp object, the paper needs to be blended into a wet pulp with a water-soluble binder, then compacted into a 3D printed press mold.

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