Xut: The Animatronic Penguin #EdgeBadge #CircuitPython #3DPrinting #Linux

from Xut: The Animatronic Penguin #EdgeBadge #CircuitPython #3DPrinting #Linux
by Ben

Tux on
Joke telling animatronic penguin using the EdgeBadge was sent in by Frank.

Via fmilburn on Element14:

The design and fabrication of the penguin body and the mechanics of the motorized wings were described in detail in the first post. Briefly, the body was freehand sketched and roughly dimensioned. It was then modeled and tweaked in Fusion 360 and printed in PLA on an Anycubic I3 Mega 3D printer. The mechanical modifications since that time are limited to minor aesthetic modifications to the wings and the addition of a speaker inside the body. Hot glue and cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue) was used to secure everything. An Adafruit EdgeBadge was also wired securely to the motors and speakers.

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