What IOT space are we in? Tech CEO question.

Please understand that I ask this question more out of respect than ignorance but always happy to own the latter. 😀

As we define our pitch deck for investors I’m doing a lot to establish where we fit in the IOT landscape and can’t help but thinking that we aren’t comparing apples to apples which is why I could use input.

Our tech mostly revolves around how information is stored and retrieved on physical objects. We take existing non functioning devices like a plastic cup and our platform will enable it with functionality based on the audience and their needs.

So if an IOT technology is more about storing and retrieving information in physical spaces/objects and less about mesh networked sensor devices is it still considered IOT? If not, is there a term or niche IOT space that I should be referencing as I define my company to investors?

Lastly I just want to specify that my tech is not advertising. Despite my judgement about how much advertising has tainted this sort of tech I also consider advertising as a trivial example of what possibilities exist in equipping physical objects with information.

Thank you /r/IOT!

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