Blueair 680i Air Purifier: Clean Air For Your Home or Office

Blueair 680i Air Purifier

Today’s air quality is becoming increasingly alarming thanks to pollutants in the air. To help breathe easier and healthier, all types of air purifiers have appeared, promising to clean the air in our offices and homes. Blueair is one company that has emerged as an industry leader for its innovative design and research that shows their air purifiers clean the air. While Blueair has an extensive line of air purifiers, we chose the Blueair 680i air purifier to review.

We selected this air purifier model because it had one of the largest coverage areas so we could see how it worked in our office and also later on in a home environment. Here’s what we found out after trying the air purifier in our office for a month followed by another month at my home.

About the Blueair Classic 680i Air Purifier

The Blueair Classic 680i air purifier is one of the newest air purifiers from Swedish company Blueair. In terms of design, technology, and use, it is similar to the other air purifiers in its product offering.

This is a solidly constructed air purifier with a durable steel housing unit. The I-series of air purifiers feature an auto-adjust mode to change to the current air conditions.

Blueair Air Purifier

How it Works

The air purifier uses smart device controls with Wi-Fi and an app available for Android and iOS mobile devices. It uses extensive technology to purify the air, including an electrostatic filter, particle filter, and activated carbon filter. The air purifier uses Blueair ‘s HEPA Silent Technology to remove nearly all airborne pollutants. The technology combines advanced filter media and an encapsulated particle-charging chamber.

Connecting the Blueair Friend app makes it easy to monitor air quality from anywhere. The app also provides recommendations on how to improve indoor air quality plus you can access outdoor air quality data. You can also use the app to control operating speed, apply a child lock, and put it into night mode.

The Good and Bad

There are many positives about this Energy Star-certified air purifier, including the fact that it really did feel like our office and my home had cleaner air. The noticeable difference was seen in a reduction of coughing as well as runny and stuffed noses. Many office staff noted that the air smelled fresh. According to Blueair, the air purifier has the following CADR Ratings: Dust (500), Pollen (640), Smoke (500).

Another good thing about this particular air purifier is that it covers 775 square feet, which is one of the largest areas available for air cleaning coverage. The app and level of control are also two other pluses about this air purifier. The silent fan also helps because it doesn’t emit noise like other air purifiers, which doesn’t create a distraction in the office or add to the noise at home.

Blueair 680i air purifier

However, there are some downsides to this air purifier. The first is the price, which is upwards of $850 to $900. That’s a high price tag for many who see other air purifiers available for under $100. While this air purifier has such an extensive amount of technology and purifies the air effectively, that’s still expensive for most people.

Another issue is that it only has a one-year warranty that offers minimal coverage should anything go wrong.

Finally, it’s fairly bulky, making it cumbersome to move around. At the same time, it is understandable given the fact that it covers so much square footage. Also, there are casters on the bottom of the air purifier that provide some ease of movement.

Where to Buy

You can buy the 680i model from the Blueair website.

Overall Thoughts

The Blueair 680i is a good product for an office, studio apartment, or large area of a home. It effectively removes fine particulate matter, smoke, and pet dander from the air, offering clean, fresh air. The air purifier is packed with cutting-edge technology that does more than other air purifiers I’ve tried. As a smart device, it provides good control and data access about inside and outside air, providing a way to improve health for everyone around the air purifier.

However, it’s not within everyone’s reach due to the high cost. Since the company does have smaller air purifiers, it’s a brand to consider for everyone because their other air purifier products cost less but also cover a lot smaller square footage. If it’s in your budget, I’d recommend the Blueair 680i air purifier. If it’s not, try one of their lower-priced air purifiers.

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