Need Suggestion for Sensor Selection

Hi, I am from a Hardware community called MakerGram. Recently I’ve been part of a hackathon as a mentor. The hackathon held in Kerala, INDIA, you can read the full story from here:

After the hackathon, we realize that this product has potential and we want to build the solution and spread the world.

The solution is to build a river monitoring system to predict flood and river water quality, we completed the prototype using Arduino with some basic sensors, next we need to build stable MVP.

We are a team of different age group and background and located in different parts of kerala . After discussion with team we concluded network as a cellar and next thing select the best accurate, less expensive sensor.

Sensor parameters are :

-> Water level (High Priority )

-> Water Quality

-> River Flowmeter

-> Rain Gauge

Discussion log:

Looking for your valuable suggestion on the sensor selection and feedback. Thank you.

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Original article: Need Suggestion for Sensor Selection
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