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Hackers Shift their Scope to Target Smart Home Systems

submitted by /u/zuugzwang [link] [comments] Original article: Hackers Shift their Scope to Target Smart Home Systems

Technical trends for 2020: AI + 5G + IoT

IoT means much more than just adding network connections to common devices such as security cameras,

Unplugging from Work Without Feeling Guilty

File this under the law of unintended consequences. Businesses are increasingly using online communication and collaboration

IoT Chain (ITC) Price Tops $0.11 on Major Exchanges

IoT Chain (CURRENCY:ITC) traded down 0.1% against the U.S. dollar during the one day period ending

4 Trends that are Transforming the Future of Healthcare

From drinking one’s own urine as a cure for broken bones to blood-letting to sending electrical

Wearable industrial tech is coming to a production line near you

SEE: Special report: The rise of Industrial IoT (free PDF) (TechRepublic) … The nature of IoT

How FinTech Application Development Transforms the Finance Industry

FinTech or Financial technology has become a popular industry for helping to innovate financial transaction services

Mostly 3D Printed Binary Encoder

from Mostly 3D Printed Binary Encoderby Takara What a really neat project. via megardi on instructables

The Things Conference – Amsterdam (NE)

Ana Bernal, Business Developer Director, will be attending The Thing Conference 2020 as a speaker on

Global IoT Security Platform Market Dynamics, Trends, Opportunities, Drivers, Challenges and …

Global “IoT Security Platform Market” Research Report 2019 delivers a complete evaluation of the IoT Security