Thanks, and our promise 2019 @adafruit

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For about 10+ years, we’ve had a post around Thanksgiving reaffirming our thanks, and our promises, to be a good company, and a good cause. Here’s one from about 10 years ago where we promised we would not litter the site with social media buttons, and a post from 5 years ago with our promise not to have those annoying pop over newsletter windows, our promise to never spam. We promise to guard the privacy of our customers, employees, and community – we support DNT (do not track). Our promise to remain open-source, our commitment to 100% focus on new products, tutorials, writing and sharing code & hardware, making videos, and creating great content. We promise to be an inclusive community of people who like to make and share things.

There are a lot of ways people (and companies!) can say thank you, one of the ways we do that by keeping our promises.

In this competitive market, there are many choices besides Adafruit to purchase things, and we know many of you stick with us because we stick to our promises.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting Adafruit.

Happy Thanksgiving.


P.S. We still kept our promise to not sell blinking Christmas trees too.

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