Trying to find an obscure SBC

I’m not sure that this even exists, but here it goes. I’m trying to find a single board computer that I can use for network discovery things. And when I say that, I’m talking about physically plugging this device that I’m imagining into a switchport, having it run the most basic linux distribution ever, and have it run LLDP and CDP. For those who don’t know, LLDP and CDP provide similar functionality in assisting seeing what is plugged into where on your network.

I can’t imagine a device of this sort would require any horsepower AT ALL, we’re talking minimal minimal packet processing. What I have in my head is essentially a tiny device with a male rj45 port, on board PoE, a tiny battery that could be charged while connected via PoE in case a switch doesn’t have PoE, and basic processing power to send and receive LLDP and CDP packets.


Is there anything of this sort out there that /r/IOT can point me towards?

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Original article: Trying to find an obscure SBC
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