New Project! Animated Eye Candy Bowl Upgrade

from New Project! Animated Eye Candy Bowl Upgrade
by Noe Ruiz

Go the learn guide for the UF2, code, build photos and way more info on this project!

Learn Guide: HalloWing M4 Candy Bowl Upgrade

Here are those links:

Adafruit HalloWing M4

4400mah battery

USB cable

Plastic Convex Lens

JST Extension Cable

M2.5 Standoff Kit

HWUF in this project we are upgrading our candy bowl with an animated eye. This year we’re tricking out our candy bowl with Adafruit’s HalloWing M4. This animated eye looks pretty realistic and you can use the touch pads to trigger LED animations. So get ready to win this years Halloween with animated eyes.

The HalloWing M4 has everything you need to add an animated eye to your projects. It features a new IPS display so it looks great at just about any angle. It’s also has built in NeoPixels, so you create some really nice lighting effects. In this project, you can touch the pads to cycle through four different LED animations.

It’s really easy to setup the HalloWing M4 with new software. With Adafruit’s firmware, you can install new programs without having to setup arduino.
Just download the UF2 files from the learn guide. Plug in over USB and double press the reset button to load the BOOT drive. Then just drag and drop the UF2 file onto the USB drive. The board will automatically restart with the new software. This makes the process so much easier so you can quickly get your projects up and running.
It’s never been easier to add electronics into your projects.

This was a lot of fun to work on and we hope this inspires you to get your projects ready for halloween. Be sure to check out the adafruit discord server so you can chat with the community. We wanna give big shout out to you folks sharing your projects! We invite you to Adafruit’s Show and Tell Live stream so you can be awarded a free vinyl sticker.

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