Engineering Academy Comes to You: More dates. More cities. More opportunities to learn.

Don’t miss your last chance in 2019 to attend a local Engineering Academy Comes to You event

Over the past few months, IBM has hosted several Engineering Academy Comes to You events in locations throughout the world. I’m happy to tell you that these local presentations have become extremely popular and well attended learning opportunities. That’s because they provide valuable product information and one-on-one interactions between IoT professionals and their peers.

Learn about insightful engineering at enterprise scale

As you know, engineers are under tremendous pressures as more and more products become connected through IoT. These highly sophisticated designs require far more participation from a continuously expanding ecosystem of collaborators. Additionally, new regulations and industry standards demand strict adherence to guidelines. In the automotive industry, in particular, ASPICE is exerting new pressures on manufacturers and their suppliers everywhere in the world.

To survive in this competitive marketplace, you want to replace traditional methods with streamlined new AI-driven processes. Everything from requirements management to product testing must be performed with an engineering at scale approach that uses analytics to help drive smarter decisions.

If you’re not keeping up with the changes in engineering, you’re assuredly falling behind. That’s why I urge you to register now for one of these upcoming events.

October 29 – Costa Mesa, CA

Scaled Agile Framework and Model Based Systems Engineering: This one day seminar will teach you how to improve your systems and software productivity and quality with the use of Model Driven Development, Requirements Management, Testing, and Scaled Agile Framework.

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November 12 – Schaumburg (Chicago), IL

Requirements Management with Artificial Intelligence: At this one day seminar, you’ll learn the latest technologies for more effective requirements management. Our Requirements Quality Assistant and Artificial Intelligence will also be presented and demonstrated. A special guest speaker from INCOSE will discuss requirements management relating to systems engineering.

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November 14 – Washington DC

Engineering Lifecycle Management and Scaled Agile Framework Templates: Please join us for a morning session to learn about the practices and technologies that create high-performing software delivery teams and services. IBM Enterprise Lifecycle Management and the SAFe Templates will be featured in the discussions.

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December 2–3 ­– El Segundo (Los Angeles) CA

Model Based Systems Engineering Seminar and Workshop

Engineering Lifecycle Management with Requirements Management

This two day event offers two tracks and flexible dates to accommodate your busy work schedule. Attend on December 2 to attend the presentations. Then, if you can, return on December 3 for open lab sessions. You’ll learn about Engineering Lifecycle Management with Requirements Management, Test Management, Model Based Systems Engineering, Agile Software Engineering, and Scaled Agile Framework.

Be sure to save the dates of December 2-3 on your calendar!


Seats for these events are limited. Register now.

Because Engineering Academy Comes to You events are so popular, you’ll want to register as quickly as possible. It’s a smart way to end your year. And it’s a great way to begin 2020 equipped with new knowledge, new tools, and new contacts you made while attending the event. We hope to see you soon!

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