New Project! MONSTER M4SK Wearable Case #3DPrinting

from New Project! MONSTER M4SK Wearable Case #3DPrinting
by Noe Ruiz

New Project! MONSTER M4SK – Wearable Case

This is a wearable case for the Adafruit Monster M4SK. The 3D Printed case snap fits together and lets you add a headband so you can wear it. The case has all of electronics so it’s nice and portable little package. The open frame design shows off the silkscreen so you enjoy the lovely artwork.

You can wear it as a pair of goggles or work it into your costume projects. They can be worn over your eyes, just be careful as you won’t be able to see very well.

The Adafruit monster Mask packs a ton of awesome stuff into one single board. It’s running a cortex M4, it’s got 8 megabytes of flash storage, USB charging and 2x IPS TFT displays.
It also has buttons, light sensor, expansion ports and accelerometer. Be sure to check out the product page for the full run down.

For a quick start, definitely check out the learn guide. The board has native USB support, so you can upload code and recharge the battery. It works like a USB drive so you can drag and drop bitmaps to change up the graphics. You can modify the look and customize the eyes by editing a special config file.

There’s lots of great project examples so you can get started right away! There’s also a ton of great support for programming languages like Arduino and Circuit Python.

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Learn Guide:

Adafruit Monster M4SK

420mAh Battery

Mini Oval Speaker

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