Monthly Archive:: September 2019

A Braille(-ent) Idea for a Keyboard

Braille has given millions of visually impaired individuals the ability to read and write. However, Braille

Will international trade law block IOT cybersecurity regulation?

Joel Trachtman thinks it’s a near certainty that the WTO agreements will complicate US efforts to

DeepRC Is a Smartphone-Controlled Autonomous Robot Car

Self-driving cars are almost certainly inevitable. The only question is when they’ll become commonplace. The two

TBM’s Dploy Solutions launches industrial IoT software

TBM Consulting Group, a global operations management consulting firm, recently revealed new Industrial IoT (IIoT) capabilities

A Precision DDS FeatherWing for the Discerning Analog Maker

It’s fair to say that the maker community doesn’t see many analog / signal chain projects.

Turn Your Actual Car Into a Racing Simulator

Hardcore racing simulator enthusiasts can spend hundreds — even thousands — of dollars on their controller setups. The goal is

CBO Pegs Cost of IoT Cyber Bill at $35M-Plus

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said in a Sept. 13 report that implementing the Internet of

Simplify downstream processing with Azure IoT Hub message enrichments

Did you know you can now enrich ( your IoT Devices telemetry by stamping device twin

Pi Fighter Game Uses a Heavy Bag as Input

The original version of Street Fighter actually had a version that used pressure-sensitive pads to measure

This AI-Powered Infinity Stone Helps You Remember People’s Names

It’s a situation we’ve all run into: you start working at a new company, and you