Question about data collection of commercial devices

Hi everyone! I started a project at home to monitor temperature, humidity, visible light spectrums and pretty much everything I can monitor. I’m not sure to understand how can you collect data from, for example, a smart light bulb? From a component like DHT22 (temperature and humidity sensor), I simply receive the data from the sensor to my arduino, and then send it back to InfluxDB or any other DB to finally display the values in Grafana. But from a commercial devices like “Xiaomi mijia temperature and humidity sensor”, i’m not sure on how to collect the data before sending it to the DB. On this device, data is displayed on a small LCD screen but i don’t understand how to collect the measurements from it and store them in DB. Can you guys and gals help me out, maybe explain how to collect data from commercial devices. It can be very usefull if i want to collect data from lightbulb or any IOT other device.

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Original article: Question about data collection of commercial devices
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