Roborock S6: Vacuuming and Mopping in One Smart Device

There are numerous robot vacuums available as well as mopping devices. However, the Roborock S6 intends to raise the bar on clean floors with its smart device that vacuums and maps. To see how it compared to other smart cleaning devices I’ve used, I took the Roborock S6 for a spin around my house for a few weeks. Here’s what I discovered.

About the Company

Behind the Roborock S6 is Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd. (Roborock), which was founded in 2014 and specializes in the development of robotic home cleaners and other smart cleaning devices. The company consists of tech wizards from a range of known tech companies, including Microsoft, Huawei, and Baidu. They released their first robotic vacuum cleaner in 2016.

They recently won the IF product design award for the Roborock S6, their fourth smart cleaning device. The company also reported that this robot cleaning device went through extensive quality control processes, including over one thousand types of quality testing, 19 types of international certification, and 1,500 hours of testing.

How it Works

The Roborock S6 uses LDS Lidar mapping technology to map out the area that it needs to clean. Options include mapping just one room that needs cleaning or the entire house. The Robo uses a laser navigation system to create the maps. The system has 14 sensor types that work together to provide the sensors with insights so it won’t fall. The vac knows where it should and shouldn’t go in relation to height and risky areas.

The company promises 98 percent accuracy for its floor mapping technology. For my testing, it was highly accurate. I couldn’t find any mistakes in its pathways no matter what barriers I (had fun) putting in front of it.

Features and Functionality

This smart cleaning device includes features that let you name each area of the map it creates and then schedules cleaning for rooms listed on that map or an entire floor within your home. The Roborock S6 also uses SLAM algorithms to calculate the fastest, most efficient way to cover an entire room.

You can use the Mi Home app (iOS and Android versions available) to do this along with listing areas that you don’t want the vacuum to go. It is compatible with other smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and devices from IFTTT.

The robot vacuum has a detachable main brush that works on cleaning the ground while a variable speed side brush covers corners and along walls where dust bunnies like to live.

Then, the Robo can also provide a mopping feature. The mop has an adjustable water flow feature so mopping can be tailored to your home’s needs. The water is spread evenly across the floor to provide consistent mopping functionality. (This is so fast and easy.)

What I Like

Besides the incredible multi-action cleaning power where I know it’s not only vacuuming but also mopping, I like that it is extremely quiet. However, it’s so quiet that I forget it’s there, so it’s possible to take it out of quiet mode. I prefer quiet mode, and our household solved the issue of tripping over it by running it overnight.

Another positive about this smart cleaning device is its modular design. It’s straight forward in terms of how it works. Being straight forward means I haven’t spent much time figuring out how the parts work. None of us have time for lengthy setup for a product, and Roborock S6 is easy. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any real maintenance involved. For example, it has small charging dock cables that can be tucked away rather than unwieldy cables that tangle. The dustbin simply pops out for emptying and then pops right back into place. The water tank for the mopping is just as easy to open, fill, and replace.

Its cleaning power is the best yet of all the robotic vacuums I’ve tested. The Robo picks up so much dust, lint and “stuff,” even when its dustbin container is full. There is a large battery that keeps the vacuum going for up to three hours in quiet mode. The power also takes-on high thresholds and thick carpets easy for this robot vacuum cleaner to navigate.

Areas of Improvement

At $650, this smart cleaning device comes with a hefty price tag. Other than that, this is an extraordinary smart cleaning device.

In the Box

The robot vacuum is available in three colors (white, black, and rose gold), and arrives with accessories that include a power dock and adapter as well as disposable mop cloths. The box also contained a user manual. There is also a one-year warranty for the robot vacuum.

Purchase Information

While older robot vacuum models can be found on the company’s Amazon store, this latest model from Roborock is currently only available to buy on eBay.

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