OmniFob Is a Smart Key Fob That Controls Everything in Your Life

Like most people, your purse or pockets are probably crammed full of essential items. You have your smartphone, your overflowing key ring, your wallet, and likely more — all of them competing for room in your daily-carry arsenal. In an ideal world, we could have all of that functionality in a single device, and that’s exactly what the OmniFob smart key fob is designed to do.

Omnifob recently launched on Kickstarter, and there are four days left in the campaign. So far, it has well over a thousand backers and the campaign has raised more than double the funding goal. The Omnifob device is roughly the size of a tube of lip balm, but packs a lot of functionality into its small enclosure. Once connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, Omnifob acts like a tiny remote that you can use to trigger virtually any IoT (Internet of Things) or home automation task.

With the Omnifob app as an intermediary, the device works with many popular IoT systems. For example, you can use it to turn on your Samsung SmartThings lights with the touch of a button. You can even start your car remotely using a special modification kit (developed and sold by a third party). Omnifob essentially allows you to do anything with a click of a button that you could do with your smartphone. The device itself has a small OLED screen, RGB LED indicator lights, and buttons for switching between functions. Battery life is expected to last between one and two weeks.

If you want an Omnifob, the Kickstarter campaign is running until August 16th. Early birds can get a single device for $91, and rewards are expected to be delivered in February.

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Original article: OmniFob Is a Smart Key Fob That Controls Everything in Your Life
Author: Cameron Coward