New STLINK-V3MINI Debugging and Programming Probe for STM32 Boards

A year ago, STMicro launched their STLINK-V3SET in-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers, which the company claimed could transfer data quicker with more flexibility due to its onboard STDC-14 connector. For around $35, it’s still a great board to have in the toolbox, but if you only need a stripped-down version of the board, you’re in luck as STMicro has released their STLINK-V3MINI debugging and programming probe, with a price tag of just $9.75.

The STLINK-V3MINI features JTAG/SWD interfaces, Virtual COM port interface, 1.27mm pitch STDC14 connector, and more. (📷: STMicro)

Under the hood, the STLINK-V3MINI includes JTAG/SWD (Serial Wire Debugging) interfaces with 3V to 3.6V application voltage support, 5V tolerant inputs, JTAG communication support, and SWD and serial wire communication support. There’s also a Virtual COM port with 3V to 3.6V application voltage support on the UART interface, 5V tolerant inputs, and offers a VCP frequency up to 15MHz. Rounding out the features are a micro USB 2.0 connector for power and host computer connection, a pair of RGB LEDs (communication/power), and STDC14 signals protection.

STMicro ships the STLINK-V3MINI with STDC14 connector and STDC14 to STDC14 flat ribbon cable. (📷: STMicro)

According to STMicro, the STLINK-V3MINI supports drag-and-drop Flash programming and direct firmware updates. The debugging and programming mini probe is compatible with the company’s STM32CubeProgrammer AIO multi-OS programming suite and offers direct support for popular IDEs — Keil MDK-ARM, IAR EWARM, and GCC-based IDEs, such as STMicro’s STMCubeIDE.

The company touts the debugger/programmer’s tiny 15mm x 30mm as being “so small that it can fit in the palm of a hand, making it a delight when developers must carry them while touring show floors or in the field.”

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Original article: New STLINK-V3MINI Debugging and Programming Probe for STM32 Boards
Author: Cabe Atwell