AuditPi Portable Pi Setup and “WarSkating” Device

AuditPi Is a Modular Handheld Raspberry Pi PDA and “WarSkating” Device

The newest Raspberry Pi 4 iteration bills itself as a possible desktop replacement with dual-monitor capability, but let’s not forget that the Pi is also a great platform for on-the-go projects. Hacker and skateboard aficionado Alex Lynd decided to implement his own take on a Linux-powered Pi pocket computer, creating the AuditPi version 1.0. The aptly named device is aimed at mobile hacking and audit applications, and uses a 3.7V 2500 mAh battery, along with an Adafruit PowerBoost 1000C.

The AudioPi features a 3D-printed frame in a (rather thick) phone form factor, and cleverly has a 1/4”-20 thread mount on the bottom that allows it to be attached to tripods and other stands. The PDA-inspired design is meant to be modular, and while there is currently quite a bit of difficult wiring and soldering needed for assembly, Lynd is working to make it easier to implement.

Although not as plug-and-play as intended, it is at least a functional gadget. This is demonstrated in the video below, where Lynd takes it on the road, “WarSkating” with the AuditPi running in a backpack to find wireless networks. From the looks of it, he’s able to go largely unnoticed while riding his skateboard in areas that would be inaccessible to an unauthorized automobile. Something to consider for those who are are tasked with securing important networks and physical assets.

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Original article: AuditPi Portable Pi Setup and “WarSkating” Device
Author: Jeremy S. Cook