SubCruiser Is an Incredible and Affordable Underwater Jetpack

Humans have seen only a fraction of the ocean floor, and there is an entire undersea world just begging to be explored. The most popular way to do that, of course, is by scuba diving. Unfortunately, that means you’re stuck flapping your legs around in a way that most humans — Michael Phelps excepted — really aren’t designed for. But we, as a species, overcome our physical limitations with technology, which is exactly what SubCruiser is doing to help you explore underwater.

SubCruiser is like an underwater jetpack, and it just recently launched on Kickstarter. Since then, it has reached almost three times its original funding goal. Unlike most “sea scooter” underwater propulsion vehicles, which are designed for you to hold onto, using the SubCruiser is more like turning your body into a submarine. SubCruiser is divided into three parts: a backpack that houses the batteries, two propeller thrusters that can be attached to the backpack or strapped to your legs, and a handheld shifter to control your speed underwater.

Despite being surprisingly affordable, the SubCruiser has very impressive specifications. The battery can last up to an hour before needing to be recharged, and the brushless motors can provide up to 10kg of force. That’s enough to push you up to 4 knots (4.6mph) underwater. It can handle a depth of up to 300 meters, so you can dive deep. To ensure that it’s safe to use, SubCruiser is “military-level waterproof,” and has built-in circuit protection and safety features to keep the electronics from malfunctioning. The total weight is a mere 5kg, and SubCruiser even comes with an elegant and compact carrying case for the equipment.

If you want a SubCruiser, the Kickstarter campaign will be running until September 8th. Early birds can get a single SubCruiser package — with everything included — for just $298. Rewards are expected to be delivered in September.

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Original article: SubCruiser Is an Incredible and Affordable Underwater Jetpack
Author: Cameron Coward