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Cyber Threat Awareness and Preparation

Connectivity drives so many processes in today’s connected enterprise. The benefits of connectivity are plentiful; the

Driving Decarbonization using Digital Twins

Against the backdrop of Climate Emergency Declarations, net-zero targets are the talk of the town. Great

David Van Dorselaer: A 5G Revolution in Manufacturing

Peggy and David Van Dorselaer, industry solutions GM for manufacturing, transportation, and CPG, AT&T Business, talk

Actuating a Paper Butterfly with Printed Electromagnetic Coils

Just about everything that moves uses some sort of rigid actuation device. Most often, those are

Build Yourself a Simple Flexible PCB Battery Tester

There are all sorts of reasons why you may want to test battery cells. The simplest

RAIN MAN 2.0 Uses Machine Learning to Count Cards in Blackjack

Counting cards is a method for calculating the odds of specific cards being drawn, and is

CyberX launches automated threat extraction platform

IoT and industrial control system (ICS) security company CyberX has announced it has improved its IoT/ICS

Addressing network security

In fact, Gartner found that in the past three years, 20 percent of organisations have been

IoT device “instant” updates – how do they do it?

I was under the impression that to give an internet-connected device in your home instructions from

Celebrate Your Inner Tony Stark with This Arc Reactor Badge

There is a huge overlap between geekdom, nerdom, and fandom. That means that if you like