ThinkTiny Is a Micro ThinkPad-Inspired Notebook

In the world of notebook computers, one of the most iconic designs is the ThinkPad by IBM/Lenovo. These ‘ThinkTanks’ have a reputation for being reliable, but they tend to prioritize usability over being extremely small. Not so with the ‘ThinkTiny’ by Paul Klinger. His device can sit comfortably between the fingerprint ID and the ThinkPad logo on the real thing’s keyboard panel.

While much more limited than a real ThinkPad, the ThinkTiny can run a number of applications, including Snake, Game of Life, Mandlebrot fractal explorer, Tetris, and Lunar Lander. These are, of course, controlled by the ThinkTiny’s characteristic red TrackPoint center button that you’d expect from this type of notebook.

The display is made out of an SSD1306 128×64 OLED — with the PCB chopped off to save space — and the processor is an ATtiny1614. It’s powered by a Li-ion battery, with a TP5400 charger/boost converter, all stuffed inside a pint-sized 3D-printed case. A variety of prototype cases were printed and discarded along they way in order to make this little masterpiece.

Of course, this isn’t Klinger’s first try at a miniature computing device. While perhaps not quite as portable, his mini gaming rig is very neat as well, featuring the same ATtiny1614 microcontroller OLED display as this TinkTiny. Build files for both are available here on GitHub.

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Original article: ThinkTiny Is a Micro ThinkPad-Inspired Notebook
Author: Jeremy S. Cook