Inktuitive: Inspiring and Unique Wall Art For Your Company or Home Office

Our company had enough of the traditional motivational posters that grace many office walls. We were looking for something entirely different that matched our fun and diverse team. In our hunt to see what other wall was out there, we came across Inktuitive and purchased some of their unique designs.

Here’s what I discovered after I was asked to find our company something new to decorate our office walls.

About Inktuitive

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the canvas art company ships their unique products all around the world. The entrepreneurs launched this company to help others like themselves stay focused on their goals and be motivated through visual artistic displays.

The Inktuitive website offers an inspiring explanation for the purpose behind starting their company: “Our canvas art is a beautiful reminder to stay consistent. And in today’s world of distraction, social media, and noise, there’s nothing better to keep you centered and sane when everything else is trying to pull you away from your purpose.”

In this day and age of more socially responsible businesses, it was refreshing to see that the framed their operations around this intent with a Code of Standards that further compelled us to try their products. The Code of Standards promises strict quality requirements like ink and canvas. Other promises include free standard shipping for wherever you are in the world, a full money-back refund, and top priority customer service.

Art Selection

They offer a diverse selection of art in terms of subjects, themes, and motivational messages. Each canvas offers bold colors and vivid visuals. The canvases come with a one and a half-inch gallery wrap that makes them feel like artwork that you would find hanging on a museum or art gallery wall.

You can shop the entire collection, or you can look by categories. The categories include Motivation, Money, Power, Luxury, Monopoly, Seduction, and Interstellar.

When you select an artwork to look at more closely in their online shop, you get engaging product descriptions about the meaning behind the artwork and the title of the art. For example, the first one I bought for our company was entitled, “Duck Hunter.” Here is just a small quote from the unique product description that accompanied it:

“Some people are farmers. This piece is NOT for them. It’s for their opposite: The Duck Hunters. See…The farmer’s mindset is to plant seeds… and wait around for the “right conditions.” They toil. And they never reap the rewards for their work until months—or years—later.

A Duck Hunter, on the other hand, knows the truth: It’s your birthright to go after any target you want right now. If you don’t, it’s game over. You’ll get laughed at, A Duck Hunter knows: the world can be yours as you want it. But YOU have to take it. And if you focus on your aim, you can possess the life of your greatest dreams.

Society wants you to live life like a Farmer. But that won’t get you ahead.”   

I had never purchased any motivational artwork that ever provided such compelling, well-thought meanings to what the art meant. I’ll admit what took the longest in this purchase process is getting lost in reading all these product descriptions. One was better than the next.

Since that initial purchase, we’ve bought many more. One example is “Level Up.” Again, the meaning to the title and the visuals were important to us personally because it so closely matched our company vision and culture. Here’s an excerpt, so you see what I mean:

“Some people fear elevators. They think it’s like the movies, where the cable can break, and you plummet to your death. But elevators are statistically the safest form of transportation in the world. Safer than planes, trains, even less harmless than a child’s tricycle. Some people still harbor this irrational fear because they feel they’re going up when they ride one. That feeling alone deludes them into thinking they can fall—so they panic.

Now, there are more people afraid of “leveling up” to success than there are of riding elevators. But it’s the same irrational fear at work. As you climb higher and pass each new level, be it risk, criticism, failure, or blind ambition, it can feel uncomfortable to you. It causes panic. It’s why most people quit on their dreams.”

You can also shop their Instagram canvas art options, featuring specific art that has been featured on this social media channel.

Ordering Process

Their ordering process is easy and straightforward for an online process. Whether I ordered from my laptop or my mobile device, it was quick. Once I knew which canvas I wanted, I could click on one of four sizes and add it to my cart. It also automatically entered the available coupon code for the current promotional discount.

In terms of payment options, there are many to choose from. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. During the checkout process, I noticed that they listed two types of checkout and payment security software to keep the transaction safe.

What We Like

Our office loves the unique visual choices offered. Ther are so many options available that it was difficult to choose. However, another thing our company liked was the price point. These are good quality for the cost, which has allowed us to continue adding these canvases throughout our offices and common areas.

Shipping is fast, and the packaging protected the canvases, so nothing was damaged. It took seconds to hang each canvas on the wall.

Also, customer service is highly responsive. I left a voice mail and received a call-back in less than 30 minutes. There was nothing to not like about this company or what they offered.


I recommend that you sign-up and subscribe by giving Inktuitive your email address. In return, you get exclusive access to new releases and 15% off your first order. These canvas prints also make great gifts for colleagues and even the boss!

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Author: Brad Anderson