Mirobot Is a Six-Axis Mini Robot Arm

If you’d like to have your own robot arm you can, of course, build one yourself, or you can choose from one of the many offerings on the market. For those with a huge amount of space, large budgets, and the competency to account for a variety of safety concerns, you might select a large high-quality industrial robot. For those who simply wish to experiment — and aren’t backed by an industrial concern or independently wealthy — you’re normally left with robots that, while fun to use, compromise in several different ways.

The Mirobot—now on Kickstarter for $335 — aims to bridge this gap, as a miniature stepper-driven robot arm inspired by the ABB IRB 6700 industrial robot. Along with its six-axis versatility, the robot could be used with a slide or conveyor belt to extend its effective reach, and a wide range of interchangeable grippers are available to suit your needs.

Mirobot can be controlled via a smartphone, custom control pendant, or PC, and it can be programmed in a number of languages. Firmware will be open source, and board schematics are based on the Arduino Mega. Proposed applications include holding a small camera, drawing on paper or with a 3D pen, and working on a mini assembly line — and with the freedom such an excellent little device affords, it will be exciting to see what else users come up with!

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Original article: Mirobot Is a Six-Axis Mini Robot Arm
Author: Jeremy S. Cook