Seeed’s Seeeduino Nano Is a New $7 Arduino-Compatible Board

Seeed Studio has released a new tiny development board with the Seeeduino Nano — a platform the company says is similar to the Seeeduino V4.2/Arduino Uno and is compatible with the Arduino Nano.

The Seeeduino Nano features an ATmega328P MCU, Grove I2C connector, USB-C, and more. (📷: Seeed Studio)

“The Seeeduino Nano stands out because of its compact size (less than a quarter of the size of Seeeduino V4.2/Arduino UNO) and this is really useful to use in projects that only have a small space to work with. Also, it features an ATmega328P and an 8-bit AVR microcontroller, just like most other Seeeduinos and Arduinos.”

Beyond the MCU, the Seeeduino Nano is outfitted with a USB-C port, reset button, SPI interface, and a single Grove I2C connector, which lets users use Seeed’s extensive range of Grove add-on modules — including sensors, actuators, displays, and more. To complement the Nano, Seeed has also released a Grove Shield for the Arduino Nano (also compatible with the Seeeduino Nano) that provides three Grove digital connectors, three analog connectors, an I2C connector, and a UART connector. If that’s still not enough, users can even connect Seeed’s Grove I2C Hub that offers four more connectors.

Seeed’s Grove Shield is compatible with the Seeeduino Nano and includes a wealth of Grove connectors to accommodate the Grove-line of add-on modules. (📷: Seeed Studio)

While Seeed provides no documentation for their Nano, it’s compatible with the popular Arduino board and Seeeduino V4.2, so it’s a safe bet users can program it using the Arduino IDE and other dev platforms. Seeed’s Seeeduino Nano is now available for $6.90, along with the Grove Shield, which retails for $2.60.

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Original article: Seeed’s Seeeduino Nano Is a New $7 Arduino-Compatible Board
Author: Cabe Atwell