Ivan Miranda Has Built the World’s Largest Nerf Gatling Gun

We can debate all day long about whether kids should even play with toy guns in the first place, but what is undeniable is that they’re fun to play with. You probably have fond memories of playing with squirt guns, cap guns, or at least a vaguely gun-shaped stick. But the king of all toys gun brands is, of course, Nerf. Their designs are so great that they have even ended up as props in movies after getting a quick coat of paint. In his newest YouTube video, Ivan Miranda decided to celebrate the iconic brand by building the world’s largest Nerf Gatling gun.

To be fair, we can’t actually confirm that this is really the largest Nerf Gatling gun in the world — we’re just taking Miranda’s word for it. That said, it’s easy to believe that it is, because this thing is huge. The finished Nerf gun is almost too large for a single person to carry, and weighs 12kg (about 26.5lbs) when fully loaded. As with everything else that Miranda builds on his YouTube channel, this Gatling gun was made almost entirely from 3D-printed parts.

Most Nerf guns that you can buy at the toy store or online fire balls or darts using either a spring mechanism or some kind of pneumatic pump. For the Nerf Gatling gun, Miranda took a completely different — and very unique — approach. Inside the gun is a vacuum motor that pulls balls out of a hopper, through a channel, and then flings them at high speed from the barrel. The gun can hold a total of 74 balls, and can shoot them at more than 100kmh (about 62mph) at a rate of 10 balls per second. That makes this the equivalent of a WMD on the playground.

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Original article: Ivan Miranda Has Built the World’s Largest Nerf Gatling Gun
Author: Cameron Coward