Demmel Releases Java-Based Javaino JoC Reference Board and Module

Austrian-based Demmel has released a Java on Chip (JoC) programmable module and reference board that aims to minimize programming and development time for smart applications. The company states that their module simplifies PCB design efforts and provides a fast way to configure and program the JoC without having to deal with low-level functions. The Javaino JoC Reference Board and Module can be used with Arduino Shields as well, making them a more versatile platform for any number of projects.

“On an area of just 24x36mm, the JoC module offers extensive interface options that can be easily addressed in Java, making complex low-level programming unnecessary. In contrast to C or C++, the object-oriented approach of Java offers much better protection against hidden errors. The module can be surface-mounted or via 2mm pin headers.”

The JoC Module can be used as a standalone platform for integration into other Java-based projects, and comes installed on the Javaino JoC Reference Board, which features multiple digital and analog I/Os, a single USB port (for programming), two RS232 (TTL) ports, I2C, SPI, and PWM outputs. It also sports A/D and D/A converters, a built-in keyboard interface (can accommodate up to 128 keys), and a rotary encoder interface.

Programming is done through Demmel’s JoC Manager, which the company says “is a flexible, integrated development environment (IDE) for JoC application development.” The system supplies all the tools needed to get up and running — including a Java code editor, compiler, and remote debugger. The JoC Module and Javaino JoC Reference Board are available now on Saelig for $29.95 and $59.95, respectively.

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Original article: Demmel Releases Java-Based Javaino JoC Reference Board and Module
Author: Cabe Atwell