Good Android option for viewing Grafana graphs?

Temporarily making use of Corlysis which in turn makes use of Grafana. The entry field-heavy page Grafana brings up works as intended in a Windows 10 + Chrome browser configuration. But I have had no luck on Android:

Chrome (latest): Corrupts the rendering of the many entry fields, naking the result unusable.

Firefox (latest): Displays the page seemingly correctly, but it is then either extremely tricky or outright impossible to scroll the page up or down in order to gain the necessary access to the various fields. Furthermore, accessing said fields almost invariably results in the individual field options appearing below the bottom edge of the screen, which is obviously less than ideal given the near complete inability to scroll.

What should I be trying? Or, perhaps, what alternative solution might I investigate?

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Original article: Good Android option for viewing Grafana graphs?
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