Project WatchDog – Smart Home/IoT Security camera

Hi Everyone! We are a pair of University of Illinois students majoring in Computer Engineering, and we are entering in the InnovateFPGA competition this year. The purpose of our project is to be an AI driven smart IoT home security camera. More specifically, we will be experimenting with neural networks to implement object recognition. If an intruder interacts with a valuable the user defines, then notifications will be sent over the cloud to the user’s phone, and a video clip will be sent to the user’s PC over ethernet. The key is that we are not sending an entire stream of data to be processed, but doing all the processing on the FPGA and then sending that out among multiple interfaces that the user can then select from (ethernet for a local hardware connection or WiFi/Bluetooth for status updates).

If you’re interested, and want to hear more, please check out our project here:
We’d love to hear any feedback from any current owners of security cameras, and answer any questions! Also, if you really love the project, we’d be honored if you would vote for us on the project page. As we move through the competition, we’ll post more updates on how our project is going!

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